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Last update: December the 4th 2019



  • We use our own cookies and those of a third party: Google Analytics
  • The cookies are used for technical and statistical purposes.

How to enable and disable cookies

You can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on your device from your web browser. If you don’t allow the installation of cookies on your device, your Web-browsing experience may worsen. Below, you can find out how to set cookies in each browser:

Types and uses

This service uses its own cookies and those of a third party to improve navigation, provide the service and to obtain statistics on the web page’s usage.

What is a cookie and what is it used for?

A cookie is a text file that is sent to the web browser of your computer, mobile phone or tablet which serves to store and retrieve information about your browsing activity. For example, to remember your user name and password or your profile’s browsing preferences.

What types of cookies are there?


  • Own cookies; these cookies are sent to your web browser from our computers or web domains.
  • Third-party cookies; these cookies are sent to your web browser from a computer or web domain that is not managed directly by us, but through a third party like, for example, Google.


  • Session cookies; they remain in the cookies file of your web browser until you leave the web page. This way, no cookies are left on your device and they are permanently lost as soon as you leave the page.
  • Persistent cookies; they remain on your device, and our web page reads them every time you carry out a new visit. These cookies stop working after a specific expiry date.



  • Technical cookies; they improve your web-browsing experience and the functionality of the web page.
  • Personalised cookies; they allow access to the service with predefined characteristics based on a series of criteria.
  • Analytical cookies; they statistically measure and analyse the usage of the website.


Cookies used by

Name Origin Purpose Type Persistance
_fbp analytical Own 3 months
_gat Analytical Own 1 minute
PHPSESSID technical Own session
_ga Analytical Own 2 years
_gid Analytical Own 1 day
aceptocookies Technical Own 1 year
Ocultarbarra Technical Own 1 year


Google Analytics: Its cookies (_ga, _gat o _gid) enable the number of times a user visits the web page to be counted, as well as providing information such as when, how and from where the visits are made.In any case, you can disable the Google Analytics cookies from here.

Google: Its cookies (NID o CONSENT) allow you to personalise how adverts outside of Google are seen or they store information, such as the preferred language, when displaying search results.

In any case, you can find more information about the types of cookies that Google uses in its multiple services here.

You can check the privacy policy of our social networks: FacebookYouTube and Linkedin.

These lists will be updated as quickly as possible as the services offered on the web page change or evolve. However, occasionally when an update takes place, you might find that one of the cookies may no longer appear on the list, although there will always be references to cookies with identical purposes to those that appear on them.