Spanish law in plain English

I am trying to explain Spanish law in plain English.

That is the reason that I created this website. It is aimed at all English speakers with an interest in Spanish legal issues.

Jordi Mauri Solé

When somebody asks me “why did you become a lawyer?” the answer is clear to me. I love helping people in any possible way, and what I am best at, is practising law.

Working exclusively with non Spanish people over time, I realised that there is a huge gap between the amount of information available and the people to whom this information is addressed. It’s as if the information ‘flow’ becomes restricted within a narrow funnel making it difficult to access.

Although the internet allows a better information flow, still the gap exists in my opinion and there is also the issue of knowing which information sources to trust. Everyday I meet clients thirsty for good quality and clear inormation – in their own language. As much as posible, I want this website to fill the information gap by broadening the funnel and allowing the easy-flow of quality-information.

I love explaining things and I know the Spanish law. Therefore, I intend to explain Spanish legal issues in plain English.

Jordi Mauri Sole

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